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Genno Tafoya


  • Over 300 hours of training in Criminal Intelligence Analysis which included the following:

  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis from ANACAPA Sciences

  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis from Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)

  • Advanced (Computer-Aided) Intelligence Analysis from ANACAPA Sciences

  • Using Microcomputers in Narcotic Investigations from the United States Department of Justice, Narcotics Control Technical Assistance Program

  • Crime Analysis Applications from the Alpha Group Center from Crime and Intelligence Training

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design from the National Crime Prevention Institute(University of Louisville)

  • Criminal Intelligence and Criminal Intelligence Analysis from the New Mexico National Guard Counter Drug Support Task Force

  • Criminal Intelligence Managers Seminar from the Palmer International School of Criminal

  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence

  • Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force October 1978

  • Honorable Discharge from the United States Army National Guard August 1984

  • Certified Police Officer for the State of New Mexico November 1979 to May 30, 2000

  • Over 400 hours of advanced police officer training

  • NRA Certified Firearm/Shotgun Instructor

Work Experience

Sept. 1974-Sept. 1978:  United States Air Force, Honorably Discharged with the rank of Sergeant

August 1983-August 1984:  United States Army National Guard, Honorably Discharged with the rank of SPC-4

November 1979-May 2000:  Las Cruces Police Department(Retired)
Successfully completed academy, and was awarded Police Officer Certificate on January 1980. Was assigned to the Patrol Division from January 1980 to October of 1985. In October of 1985, transferred to the Las Cruces Police Departments Criminal Investigations Division assigned as a Detective.

Transferred as a Crime Analyst for the Las Cruces Police Department in November of 1991. Duties included the collection and analysis of raw data and individual(s) or group(s) who are suspected of being involved in specifically named criminal activity.

August 2000-Dec. 2001:  Las Cruces Public Schools, School Security
Ensure the safety of the student body at the High School level; enforce the rules and guidelines within the Las Cruces Public Schools.

Feb. 2000-July 2001:  Third Judicial District, Surveillance Officer
Enforce the conditions of probation within the Adult Drug Court Program as set forth by the District Court. Do random curfew checks, urinalysis, and Breathalyzer checks on Drug Court Clients.

Jan. 2002-August 2002:  HUB Enterprises(Lafayette, Louisiana), Private Investigator
Job Duties: To conduct investigations and surveillance of Workman’s Compensation recipients.

August 2003-Jan. 2005:  Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office, Transport Officer
Job Duties: To transport incarcerated inmates to and from county, state, and federal detention facilities.

August 2003-Present:  Las Cruces Security Services, Lieutenant
Train and supervise over 45 employees of the company in all stationary and patrol security guard positions, schedule patrol and stationary guard’s assignments. Assure the responsibilities and guidelines of the company; oversee and work closely with clients of the company.


2004 NRA Certified Law Enforcemnet Firearm Instructor. Have instructed over 100 employees for Las Cruces Security Services in the New Mexico firearm laws, safe firearm handling, pistol manipulation and weapon profiency.

2010 Concealed Carry Instructor

Firearm Familiarization Instructor

August 2003-2015:  Hampton Investigations, Private Investigator
Job Duties include but not limited to: Stationary and mobile surveillance, background checks, photographs, video tape surveillance, and report writing.

August 2015-Present: President HTM Security Services, Inc.




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